35 – Summary

Don’t let your knowledge and insights slip away. Refreshing your memory is critical.

Here are the summary pages organized by topic area. 

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32 – Leadership: Teams

How to create and maintain a high performing team (including remote teams), taking into the stages of team development and the 3Ps of: performance, people and processes.

30 – Leadership: Personality +

Adapting the 4 core leadership styles to meet the needs of each individual, taking into account personality, emotional triggers and other factors.

29 – Leadership: Motivation

Motivated people work harder, longer, show initiative, overcome obstacles, take pride in their work, have a positive impact on others, learn faster, are more creative and as a result are more productive. They also stick around longer meaning that an organisation benefits from their accumulated experience and knowledge and has lower recruitment, induction and training costs.

We explore a variety approaches to motivation, all based on the latest research.

28 – Leadership: 4 Core Styles

There is no one best leadership style – the best style depends on the context. As a starting point, we examine 4 core leadership styles – when to use them and what to do.

27 – Becoming a Leader

What are the essential, fundamental characteristics of an effective leader? In this module we consider a set of principles that will be the foundation of your leadership approach.