25 – Pitching and Presenting

This is the start of the analysis phase in developing strategy. The purpose is to anticipate changes and take appropriate action to exploit new opportunities and minimise threats. The analysis phase is the foundation of sustainable competitive advantage. In this module we consider the macro-environment – the forces that are shaping the world and beyond the control of any organisation.

18 – Influencing: Persuasion

A flexible approach that ranges from involving the other person and the use of emotional triggers through to hard bargaining and telling. The mistake that most people make in trying to persuade another person is believing that being right, having the logical answer, is sufficient. It rarely is. There is always an exception that people can find. That’s not to say that a good business case is irrelevant; people need it to justify their irrational decisions!

17 – Influencing: Connection

People are different. So influencing begins with discovering more about the person you are dealing with in order that, later, you can adapt your influencing approach to their personality, biases, beliefs, emotional triggers etc. The foundation is active listening and asking powerful questions.

Your approach will be more successful if the person feels motivated to want to agree with you – and you can achieve this by creating a good first impression, developing trust and activating unconscious emotional triggers and biases.