09 – Decision Making

This is the final module in Insight area. You will learn how easily we can fool ourselves and what you can do to counter-act the hard-wired biases. This module will also help you to understand the flaws in the thinking of other people and thus provides a link to our final 2 modules on influencing.

08 – Rational Thinking

This module tackles the hidden blocks to our success: the beliefs and automatic processes, often formed during childhood, that lead us to wrong, often harmful conclusions. I’ll reveal how you can avoid and dismantle these success blocks. As you gain personal insight, you will become more resilient and productive. Relationships will improve. And you will be less prone to stress and anxiety.

I will also explain why positive visualization, the foundation of so much of the self-help industry, can be positively detrimental to success and happiness.

07 – Personality

Earlier in the program, you learned that your thoughts, feelings, desires are simply the result of neural connections. Some neural pathways are stronger and better connected, leading to ‘default’ ways of thinking and behaving – your personality. Several of these neural configurations lead to specific ways of perceiving and interpreting the world and these can be combined in personality models. The models provide a framework for understanding yourself and we explore several of the most popular approaches. 

We also look at who ‘you’ are. How do ‘you’ emerge from the neural connections? The answer is challenging but also exciting and reinforces one of the fundamental themes of this program: you can change.

06 – Emotional Intelligence

Our emotions evolved from the simple survival instincts of our evolutionary ancestors and use the same parts of the brain. But the trigger mechanisms and processing is very simple and operate under the principle: ‘better safe than sorry’. As a result, we are prone to jumping to conclusions and misinterpreting events, resulting in poor relationships, bad decisions, anxiety, reduced performance … Understanding your own personal triggers and patterns of behaviour allows you to consciously intervene and adopt more appropriate thinking, leading to improved relationships, better decisions, less stress and higher productivity. Emotional intelligence will also help you to understand and help others. 

We finish this module by taking a broader view of intelligence and an alternative perspective on why you and those around you process information in different ways.

05 – Effective Thinking

Your brain can best be understood as a collection of sub-systems, each processing the same information in different ways. Often these sub-systems work effectively together as a team; at other times, they compete, each fighting for dominance. Where one perceives danger, another sees opportunity and potential reward. But which is right? If you understand how each system operates, and their individual flaws and strengths, you will be better able to take conscious control.

04 – Understanding Me – and You!

Every thought, feeling and action is the result of neural connections. If you understand how these connections are made – and change – then you can begin to use your brain more effectively, rather than it using you. While the underlying principles apply to every human, each of us unique and we have to discover our own wiring and mental triggers. To do this, I will introduce you to the 3R Approach. I believe that the 3R Approach can be the key that unlocks personal development on almost every level, enabling us to learn from every experience.