02 – Productivity: Planning

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This is where we start to get serious! In this module, we will build on the insights that you have gained from exploring your career and business options, helping you to develop an inspiring vision for you future. But, we won’t forget the present because we know that the more you enjoy the journey, the more likely it is that you will persevere to reach your destination. We will use an approach called action mapping that enables you to capture all of your ideas and convert them into a structured plan. However, we know that there is an enormous chasm between vision and plan and actual action; talk is cheap and there are many obstacles to overcome, some self-imposed. And so in later modules, I will show you how this plan can become part of your everyday life through habits and checklists and a robust task management and review system. We will also look at overcoming procrastination, attaining focused intensity and managing the endless stream of demands for your attention.