What Will You Do?

Below you will find an Excel Spreadsheet to download.

It is your Leadership Dashboard, a tool to help you to apply the principles that we have covered in the recent leadership modules to your real world situation.

[If you don’t manage other people, you may still find this a useful activity. Consider some of the people that you know and imagine that you are their manager.]

This is a tool that I have used with hundreds of leaders on leadership programs and it works extremely well. You may feel that the idea of making notes in a spreadsheet about how you will interact with other human beings is a little strange. However, if you think back to the earlier modules and Atul Gawande’s Checklists, you will see that this is simply a checklist to help you take into account all relevant information in deciding how to lead.

Our core principle is:

there is no one best leadership style; the leader adapts to the needs of the individual

Before downloading the file, I would recommend watching the video below (it’s less than 2 minutes) and then reading the text immediately below.

The video above covers the basic information that you enter about each individual you work with.

The next columns are where you will apply the leadership principles that we have considered in the most recent modules to each specific individual.


Therefore you will think about how you will be an ‘Exemplary Leader‘, how you will develop and maintain trust, how you adapt your behaviour with this individual based on their personality, competence, emotional triggers, motivation and whether they are experiencing change.

Next you will consider the Influencing Principles that we covered in earlier modules. 

And finally, you will synthesise all this analysis and decide on how you will work with this person.

[Note: You may wish to password protect this file!]